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It seems like for so long, I’ve been keeping my passions to myself.  I love to write, I love to paint, and I love anything that has to do with Jesus.  I am happily married, no kids just yet.  And, I am a disabled veteran.  This gives me a lot of time to write.  But … Continue reading


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People who don’t understand your pain…

People who don’t understand your pain… Sometimes I think to myself, “How can you be so cruel?  Don’t you know how I feel right now?”  But those of us who suffer with long term physical pain know the answer to that question…No, they don’t know how we feel and they never will.  The sooner we … Continue reading

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Don’t get me wrong.  I am truly blessed.  I can see with my own two eyes.  I can feel with my own two hands.  I can smell with my nose and taste with my tongue, and believe me; Italians do not take that for granted!  Though I can’t run, I can still walk, and I’m … Continue reading

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Doctors…Get to the Point!

Why do doctors always try to cover up the problem first before trying to take care of the problem? Of course I am talking about a physical problem. Let’s say you go to a doctor’s appointment and you say your knee hurts. They may ask you how long has it been hurting and did you fall … Continue reading

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Tough Like Leather

Why can I adapt Why can I sustain What makes it possible? To be able to take the blame How do they see me? Is it really true? Do they really expect For me to just go through? It’s gotta be true I mean, don’t You see? How they are thoroughly Pulling me from the … Continue reading

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