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Coping with Pain

Do we depend on our doctors too much? Or not enough?

Do we depend on our doctors too much?  Or not enough?

Below, you will see a procedure that I had done called a Medial Branch Block about two weeks ago.  Next week, I will have the same procedure done, but this time, it will be a procedure called Radiofrequency Neurotomy.  Both procedures are very similar.  The medial branch block is basically a test to see if you would be a good candidate for RF Therapy (Radiofrequency Neurotomy/Ablation).  Everything can be explained in the below video.

Once I had this done, my doctor told me to pay close attention for the next three hours to see if my pain level goes down drastically. It did. It not only went down for the first three hours, but it took about forty eight hours for my pain level to return to normal. It was funny because in that small amount of time, it is so easy to forget what my normal pain level was. Even though I thought the procedure to be a traumatic one (I’ll explain why), I was begging to have it done again once the pain returned. Maybe that’s how child birth is. Extremely painful, but once the miracle is presented to you in your arms, you won’t hesitate to go through it again if need be. I know this is a little off subject, but I don’t want to push anyone away from the idea of having this procedure. It normally would take a 30 minute doctor’s visit to get this done (which five minutes is the actual procedure, the rest of the time is prepping for the procedure). But since I am a “special candidate,” it takes a little longer to perform on me. One reason is because I have osteoarthritis in my c-spine/neck. The most important parts of your nervous system are located in your c-spine. This is why people become paralyzed if they get into an accident that involves injury to their neck. So, you must understand why a doctor would take special caution for someone who not only has a herniated disk and osteoarthritis, but also compressed disks and an unnatural curvature in the c-spine. Plus, I am five feet tall and weigh ninety five pounds, so I don’t have much of a neck to work with. This is why my procedure will be more like an hour, rather than five minutes.  Lets get back to the RF therapy. The RF Therapy is the same except instead of blocking the nerve from sending pain messages to the brain, they use heat therapy to burn the nerve so that there is no nerve to send pain messages to the brain anymore. I know everyone must have many questions which I will answer in another chapter, but for now, do you think I have depended on my doctors too much, or not enough?

In 2006, I had surgery on my c-spine due to a herniated disk. For over five years, doctors were giving me drugs to ease the pain. They gave me anti-inflammatory medication, they gave me pain medication, they gave me narcotics, they gave me creams, they gave me exercises to follow, and, of course, they gave me referrals to other doctors. During this time, I definitely depended on my doctors too much. Way too much. I put all my trust in them when clearly it should’ve been in the One who created them. I got to the point where my body was getting used to the medication that I was taking. Even though every time they gave me a new medication, I would stop an old medication, my body would start to get used to the medication after a few months. The doctors would increase the dose or change the medication. This is normal. Your body is made to adapt, and that is exactly what it does, so if you are in a position where you are a pain sufferer and your body is adapting to your medication, you need to tell your doctor. Do not take more of the medication to compensate for your pain.  This is how chronic pain sufferers become easily addicted to narcotics. You don’t have to be bed ridden, but at the same time, you don’t have to live addicted to your prescribed medication. This is being too dependent on your doctors. So, you may ask, what should I do? Well, let me tell you what I did.

In my next post  🙂


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  4. A 5 ft 95 pound hardcore Marine that can make it through God’s grace. Just keep your focus right and it will turn out all right. Before you know we will be going out on runs together! Eagerly awaiting the next day, maybe one of these days I’ll post a “through the eyes of a husband” post as a special edition to this blog. What do you think?

    Posted by harlemknite | October 2, 2011, 10:46 pm

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