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Coping with Pain

My Hair Hurts…Yes, MY HAIR!

How can hair hurt???

It’s 3:30 in the morning.  My hair hurts.  Yeah, you heard meh!  My hair hurts!  Didn’t know hair could hurt, did yah?  Well, neither did I.  I guess it’s more like the hair roots.  But it feels like the hair that’s growing out of the roots, as if I can feel the hair growing.  Crazy?  I think not.  Just a side effect of Radiofrequency Neurotomy.  I had four levels done on my cervical spine.  So, I’m thinking, and this is just my theory, that the nerve branch that has been burned, or should I say branches, are towards the end of the burning stage, or should I say dying stage.  The doctor told me that it would take about ten days for the nerves to totally die off.  I am on day six.  This pain is very specific.  If anyone has Fibromyalgia, then they will know and recognize this pain.  So, speaking to my fellow fibro peeps, you know when you have those days when your shirt hurts?  You know, when just your shirt touching your body hurts because your skin on your back is extra sensitive on that particular day or week or month?  Well, it is like that, but multiply it by ten, then take that number and beat it with a stick.  That’s how the back of my head feels down until about halfway down my neck.

Now, the reason for my theories, which you will hear about in a second, is because the area on my neck where they performed the procedure isn’t sore at all.  There is no pain there whatsoever.  So, I’m thinking, either my theory is correct and the nerve branches are in it’s last hours of living and they are closest to the actual nerve root which would explain why it is so sensitive and so painful…or my extremely intelligent doctor somehow messed up.  You see, the whole reason for burning the nerve branch is to stop that branch from sending pain signals to the brain.  So, of course, while it is burning, or dying, it will be very painful, especially if it takes longer than usual.  The nerve branches will be screaming out, “Help!  I’m burning!,” to the brain.  And of course it will probably be the most painful right before it burns completely off.

Now here’s where it get’s complicated.  I got this procedure done on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 at about 1:00 PM.  On the weekend, it started to feel better, but on Sunday morning, it got a lot worse.  So, at first I was thinking, well, maybe it was because the burning got to the middle of the nerve branches (Don’t ask me how that even makes sense…we’re still talking theory so stay with me) which caused less pain, kind of like the eye of the storm scenario.  Then, the closer to the nerve root…well, you know the rest.  But, there’s another theory as well.

I did some research on the internet and read that there is a possibility that one (or more) of the branches didn’t burn or die out all the way.  This would be one of the “worse case scenarios.”  If this happened, then there really isn’t anything to do but take medication and wait for the nerve to slowly burn the rest of the way, or, if it is totally done burning, wait for the nerve to grow back in order to re-do the procedure.  At this point, it would be too much of a risk to try to burn the rest of the branch if it is just a small stub, if you will, that is extremely close to tissue and other branches that we don’t want to cause any damage to.  This scenario is more common in the upper c-spine around sections c-1 through c-3.

Scenario two would be the most expected one;  The wrong branch was targeted.  Since the procedure was on four levels, it is possible that one of those levels, most likely one of the upper levels, could have gotten a “good nerve branch.”  The theory with this is the “Fibromyalgia Theory.”  You have a healthy nerve root with healthy nerve branches.  Somehow, the nerve gets damaged and the branches start sending pain signals to the brain even though there’s nothing going on with the body on the outside.  People get this confused with “hypochondria” but they can’t be farther from the truth.  There is physical damage to the body with Fibromyalgia.  The damage is on the inside.  It is the same with Arthritis.  You can’t see your bones deteriorating or growing bone spurs (depending on the type of arthritis you have) from the outside, but with x-ray evidence, there is no question about it.  This is how Fibromyalgia is.  The evidence is on the inside (nervous system).  So, if the wrong branch is targeted, then this would do damage to the nerve, which would by definition, cause Fibromyalgia symptoms to occur, which is exactly what I am feeling.  And I am very familiar with these symptoms.

Last but not least, Scenario three.  I’m going insane.  Technically, like all the movies say, if you are going insane, then you wouldn’t really know it, but I don’t think that’s true when it comes to pain…O.k. people…this scenario is a joke, it is only a joke.  If it were a true scenario….your screen would be flashing red and a message would follow.  Or something like that.  Hey, I forgot how the emergency broadcast thingy goes.

Anyway, I will attach a poll later on to see what everyone thinks.  Till next time…


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I am a former Marine (Ooooraaahhh), currently a disabled veteran. I love my husband, love my family, love my friends, love my cats (even though I really want a dog), love my kids (the youth at my church, that is), but most of all...I love my Lord!


3 thoughts on “My Hair Hurts…Yes, MY HAIR!

  1. There could be many different preoblms for me i have severe scoloisis and i finally had to have my lumber fused. I had 2 major back operations last yr .then when i was doing physical therapy for my back my hip started hurting real bad and my knee got all swollen so i go to the dr. and now i need a total hip replacement and i had to go have an MRI on my knee man, it’s one thing after another .so that’s what i’m facing and i hope you don’t have to go through all this crap i’m going through ..the chiropractor won’t even touch me and i’m STILL in bad pain?????????? It’s a mess but good luck to you. I would go see a good spine doctor ..that’s what i did and he told me from the get go that he couldn’t fix me 100% but that he could fix me 80% and i guess he did good b/c i use to could not even stand up straight??????????? Oh! and that hip and knee pain just came up all of a sudden .no warning at all ?????

    Posted by Andrea | October 23, 2013, 8:52 pm
  2. That’s heavy stuff, V. I apologize for all the times I gave you a hug without even thinking about this.

    Posted by Taurus James | October 15, 2011, 4:43 pm

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