Back So Soon?

How do you know

How can you be sure

Is it gone now?

Am I safe?

I feel like it’s over

I feel like I can breathe

But as I open my lungs

I feel its presence lurking

Is it just me?

Maybe it’s my imagination

No, it can’t be

I remember you now

How could I have ever forgotten?

Just how you feel

Penetrating my entire being

Taking over everything that makes me me

I feel like I’m changing

Changing back to what I was

What I was when we were together

What you made me to be

I now feel so stupid

How did I even think it was over?

I should have known

I should have known

Welcome home, Pain.

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One thought on “Back So Soon?

  1. I love it. I feel like I just read my own thoughts lately.

    Posted by kleeperez | September 25, 2011, 5:53 pm

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