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Pain is there when you are near Pain is present Can’t you hear?   I tell you I hurt I cry all the time Why can’t you hear me You see i’m not fine   I know that you see it. But why don’t you care? Would it be different If I wasn’t here?   … Continue reading

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Tough Like Leather

Why can I adapt Why can I sustain What makes it possible? To be able to take the blame How do they see me? Is it really true? Do they really expect For me to just go through? It’s gotta be true I mean, don’t You see? How they are thoroughly Pulling me from the … Continue reading

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Open Your Eyes

I see you but can you see me? I hear you but can you hear me? I love you but can you love me? I feel you but can you feel me? Why have I been chosen? to go through so much pain Why have I been chosen? Why are you to blame How can … Continue reading

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Back So Soon?

How do you know How can you be sure Is it gone now? Am I safe? I feel like it’s over I feel like I can breathe But as I open my lungs I feel its presence lurking Is it just me? Maybe it’s my imagination No, it can’t be I remember you now How … Continue reading

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