Day One

People who don’t understand your pain…

Sometimes I think to myself, “How can you be so cruel?  Don’t you know how I feel right now?”  But those of us who suffer with long term physical pain know the answer to that question…No, they don’t know how we feel and they never will.  The sooner we face that reality, the easier it will be to deal with the pain-free society.  I know those of you who are reading this now must be saying to yourself those famous words, “Easier said than done.”  Those words were never more appropriate for a situation than ours.
Lets put pain victims into two categories: there are the independent and the dependent.  The independent still wants to do for themselves even though they know they shouldn’t be doing certain things.  Their pride gets in the way of their humbleness and they end up hurting themselves even more.  I am an independent when it comes to pain.  My pride gets in the way all the time and I suffer the consequences each and every time as well.  I didn’t like people asking me if there was anything they could do for me.  Of course there was!  They can pay off my medical bills.  They can take me to my next appointment.  They can pick up my prescription.  They can go food shopping for me and put gas in the car.  They can pick up my medical records and send them to Veteran’s Affairs for me.  But you and I both know that no one in their right mind would expect those type of responses and the reality is that those are the typical responses that would come from people like us, especially our need to pay off medical bills.  But, as usual, I, and I’m sure you do as well, respond with, “No, thank you.  I’m Ok.  Thanks for asking though.”  Pride, people, pride.  But do we really have people out there who would come out of their pocket with a few hundred dollars after we say we need help with our medical bills?  I’ll leave that for you to decide.
My writing on depentents will post tomorrow.


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