Day Two

The Dependent

The dependent pain sufferers are the people who don’t mind having others help them and take care of them when and where they need help.  Even though I started out as an independent, I believe after a few years, because of depression, I began to become a dependent.  This was actually a good thing!  I was  really hurting myself as an independent and making my disabilities a lot worse.  I started to take the advice, or should I say orders, from my doctors, and do everything they told me to, while at the same time, I stopped doing what they told me they didn’t want me to do (like make the gym my second home).  It drove me crazy.  But for a dependent pain sufferer, this would be no problem.
 A dependent is exactly that; one who is dependent on something or someone.  This can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the person.  One can become too dependent on someone and end up taking advantage of people, but on the other hand, if one is depending on someone just enough to get by, then they are lucky to be a dependent.  Picture someone who has arthritis in their hands.  There are many things that person cannot do when their arthritis is flaring up.  But there are also times where they still may be in pain, but they are capable of doing certain things.  When this person’s arthritis does flare up, it’s not a good idea for them to start cracking jars open, then do some laundry after scrubbing the floors.  
We cannot forget our wonderful doctors.  Do we depend on our doctors too much?  Or not enough?  
To be continued on day three…


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